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Connie’s Article

I love grey.  It is a soft, gentle colour that is truly at peace with itself.  It doesn’t have the need to draw attention to itself or to flash itself around.  Grey is the color of a coastal winter.  It prefers to linger in the background, to hug the water and to hover between the […]

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Live Small_Feel Big_Comox Valley Communal Beat

Live small, feel big.

Live small, feel big. As a design student, one of the biggest challenges I face everyday is finding white space ­– a clean area within my pieces for the eye to rest on. I personally am not an adherently simplistic person – I love colour, decoration, variety, and a touch of chaos. I pack my […]

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The Two Faces of January

The Two Faces of January You can find more of my imaginings at   January is not a much-heralded month in the northern hemisphere: the pleasures of December are behind us, the winter stretches ahead; the whole world seems to be hibernating. Nevertheless, it is a month of wonderful symbolism. Some say the month […]

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