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Hedgerows and Fairy Tales by Barbara Odegard

Hedgerows and Fairy Tales

Hedgerows and Fairy Tales By: Barbara Odegard As humans transitioned from primordial forest life to one of agriculture and edge-biotrope developed dividing the two. This evolved into the hedgerow. Hedgerows marked boundaries to declare ownership and kept livestock in and out of fields. These natural hedges acquired a practical purpose with a multitude of uses. […]

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Mango Salsa by Chris Graham

Mango Salsa Recipe

Hi, Chris here; the “Tamale Guy” from the Comox Valley Farmer’s Market. Some of you may remember heaping this mango salsa onto your tamale. Well, here’s the recipe! Enjoy! Mango Salsa Ingredients: 4 Ripe Mangos (Ataulfo is best) Small Red Onion Juice of One Lime Sprig of Mint Seedless Grapes (Red looks better) Salt Hot […]

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