Communal Beat

About Us

Hello friends and neighbors and welcome to Communal Beat. We at the Beat want to be the place where we can find stories and entertainment relevant to our community. Our hope is that, through the publication of compelling stories written through the lens of the personal experiences of those who choose to write for us, and by the keeping of an up-to-date- calendar of events, we will find ways to know each other in new and interesting ways and to stay in touch with the events and happenings important to us.

Each month we will publish two versions of the Beat. Our free community paper version will be delivered to as many cafes and businesses throughout the valley as we can. This version will have editorial content as well as a great calendar of events, crossword and sudoku puzzles, a monthly horoscope as well as important information on how you can get involved. If you have a community notice, an event you want publicized, a story that needs telling, we want to help you spread the word.

In our online version at we will bring you stories from the Comox Valley and beyond. Written by the people who live them. Stories about alternative education and healthcare, fitness and conscious health, music and fine art, farming, gardening, the farmers market, food security issues both local and global, the talented chefs and local restaurants that bless our valley, our oceans and foreshores, the fisheries, tree planting and everything to do with the natural beauty of this valley.

We hope you’ll like it and want to take a copy home with you. We will strive to keep our calendar of events the most comprehensive list of what is happening here in the valley. Thanks for having a visit and please visit our sponsors and don’t forget to tell them where you saw them!

If you have a story to tell or any comments you would like to pass on to the editors of Communal Beat, please go to our contact page and let us know.