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Santosha Clothing Company Comox Valley

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The garage door is open at Santosha’s TinTown Studio in Courtenay and the press is running!

Santosha is a sweatshop-free and up-cycled clothing company that prints its own designs and does custom screen-printing. Activism, reverence for the planet, the wisdom traditions of the East – such as yoga and meditation – native peoples worldwide and a passion for artistic exploration provide the inspiration.

Gordon Ross, Santosha’s owner, believes that clothing forms a part of your identity whether you’re conscious of it or not. “Check out all the brand-names people wear—clothing identity is a powerful force”, he says. Rather than promoting a brand, the studio offers earth and people-friendly designs from local artists including Gillian Brooks, Chris Boux, Erin Webster and Casey Biggins.

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The studio is on look-out for new artists and designers as well. As Gordon says, “We’re better with more creatives around. And we’re aiming for nothing less than healthy people living on a healthy planet.”



You can even bring in your own clothes, pick designs from their LookBook and they’ll print them for you—voila, a whole new wardrobe at a fraction of the cost; your garments get a second life and the planet gets a break.

Final thoughts? “We think of ourselves as a messaging company as much as a conscious clothing company. We hope to raise awareness through thought-provoking, artistic and fun designs.” We’re in! See you at the studio!

Santosha is an old Sanskrit word that translates to blissfully content. Santosha Clothing encourages people to find that balance in their lives as they go about making a difference in their world. Wear a beautiful mandala over your heart and see what happens…it changes you and it changes the world around you.
Visit Gordon @ the Santosha Studio in TinTown. 2314 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay. 250.338.8030. Or check out his site: santoshaclothingcom.




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