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Locals Restaurant Recipe for Pan Seared Outlandish Oysters

Locals Restaurant Pan Seared Outlandish Oysters with Vegetable Julienne,
Champagne and Lavender Vinaigrette




Recipe for Pan Seared Outlandish Oysters
By Chef Ronald St. Pierre of Locals Restaurant

Thanks to Locals Restaurant and Chef Ronald St. Pierre for sharing a recipe that features great local seafood – oysters from Out Landish Shellfish – and is perfect paired with Beaufort Winery’s Ortega white wine. Locals offers food “From the Heart of the Island” and we trust you’ll enjoy the following dish of Pan Seared Outlandish Oysters with Vegetable Julienne and a Champagne and Lavender Vinegar Dressing!


Recipe for Pan Seared Outlandish Oysters

Yield:         4 Servings


Ingredients List:

12 each      Medium to large sized oyster, and shucked
75 gr          Flour
50 gr          Cornstarch
15 gr           Cracked black peppercorn
To taste    Sea salt
15 ml          Lemon zest
125 ml        Carrot julienne
125 ml        Leek julienne
8 leaves     Belgium endive
60 ml         Olive oil
4                 Pickled garlic scape
75 gr           Local greens herb herb


Champagne and Lavender Vinegar Dressing

25 ml..        Shallot chopped
5 ml.           Garlic chopped
30 ml.         Fennel bulb chopped
15 ml.         Chervil chopped
30 ml.         Sweet Bell pepper Small Diced
35 ml.         Champagne and lavender vinegar
5 ml.           Lemon juice
15 ml.         Dijon mustard
90 ml.         Fat free sour cream
To taste      Salt and pepper
20 ml.         Fresh basil leaves ( for garnish)


1. Mix together all the ingredients for the vinaigrette and let stand for at least
half a hour before using.

2. In a Stainless bowl, put the black peppercorns, salt, and lemon zest
with the flour and cornstarch. Mix well.

3. Prepare the standard breading mise-en-place. First dredge in the mixture
of flour and cornstach for breading.This procedure should be done one
when you are ready for cooking the oysters to keep the
coating  firm and dry. Do not stack the oysters or let them touch each
other, or they will become sticky and mat together.

5. On medium high heat, pre-heat a pan with the olive oil . Pan
sear each oyster on both sides without over coloring the coating. Put
on a cookie sheet over a baking rack to finish cooking in the oven at 325*F
for about 6 to 8 minutes.

6. To set the plate, form a cross with 2 pieces of Belgium endive, then
place the green leaves in the middle.

7. Sautee the vegetable julienne in the pan and deglaze with the vinaigrette.

8. Place four cooked oysters on the plate next to the salad and pour the
warm vinaigrette with vegetable julienne over the salad.  Serve immediately.


Bon Appetit!!!


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