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Mango Salsa Recipe

Mango Salsa Recipe by Chris Graham_Comox Valley Communal Beat

Hi, Chris here; the “Tamale Guy” from the Comox Valley Farmer’s Market. Some of you may remember heaping this mango salsa onto your tamale. Well, here’s the recipe! Enjoy!

Mango Salsa Ingredients:

4 Ripe Mangos (Ataulfo is best)

Small Red Onion

Juice of One Lime

Sprig of Mint

Seedless Grapes (Red looks better)


Hot Chili (Habañero is best)


Peel and Cube mangos as per video link below.

Mince ¼ red onion and put in a small bowl.

Squeeze lime juice over onion. Let sit for 15 minutes to mellow the onion.

Dice mint finely.

Half grapes lengthwise.

Mince chilies.

Drain lime from onions and set aside.

Combine mangos, onion, mint, grapes and chilies in a bowl.

Add lime and salt to taste.

Here’s a link to How to Peel Mangos:


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