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Gelato & ‘Grapes in Disguise’

Did it ever occur to you to pair an exotic Balsamic Vinegar with a rich, handmade Gelato? Can’t say we ever thought of it either…until this yummy looking photos came into our inbox and made our mouths water.

Vanilla Bean Gelato & Dark Chocolate Balsamic (with candied orange & chocolate shard)

Vanilla Bean Gelato & Dark Chocolate Balsamic (with candied orange & chocolate shard)

This is not your typical “Balsamic Vinegar” you might find on the shelves of most grocery stores, that’s for sure. Think high-end, designer, Italian. These flavoured, private label balsamic vinegars all come from Modena, Italy. First, the grapes are reduced to a molasses like consistency, then infused with fruit, chocolate and spices.

The result?  A beautifully thick, rich product that comes in an incredible range of full-flavours like Cranberry Pear, Dark Chocolate, Passion fruit & Mango with Orange, Honey Ginger and Jalapeno Lime. From sweet and succulent to sour, spicy or tart, just taste test until you find your flavour. Drizzle on top of Hot Chocolates’ Vanilla Bean Gelato and you’ll have a new favourite indulgence. See you in the Gelato lineup at Hot Chocolates on 5th Street, Downtown Courtenay.

Balsamic Gelato

Vanilla Bean & Dark Espresso Balsamic (with fresh raspberry)
Vanilla Bean & Raspberry Balsamic (with fresh raspberry & dark chocolate shard)
Vanilla Bean & Dark Chocolate Balsamic (with candied orange & chocolate shard)

’25 Star’ Dark Balsamic Vinegars to Choose From at Cakebread Artisan Bakery:

Blueberry: A perfect blend of sweet and sour, this balsamic is a fantastic addition to your kitchen.
Cranberry Pear: Sweet refreshing pear with a touch of tangy cranberry tartness.
Dark Chocolate: The smooth and luxurious taste of the world’s most addictive food is now available in our famed 25 Star Balsamic.
Dark Espresso: Dark, rich espresso beans are perfectly matched with the sweet/tart complexity of our 25 star balsamic.
Fig: The nutty, semi-sweet flavor of fresh fig enhances and deepens this naturally intense balsamic vinegar.
Huckleberry: Blackcurrant: Rich, dense flavor with a sweet and sharp taste
Maple: Rich maple flavour blended with our 25 star balsamic
Pomegranate: Sweet and refreshing pomegranate flavors add amazing depth and flavor to our high-quality aged balsamic vinegar.
Raspberry: Deliciously sweet raspberry flavour pairs amazingly well with our aged balsamic vinegar.

For more information, pairing suggestions, or to purchase please call:

Cakebread Artisan Bakery –  250 338 8211

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