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The only true hope for peace on Earth lies in the self-realization of the individual.

The Way

Once upon a time there was a glistening drop of sparkling water. It surfaced up from the dark and silent depths of the ocean to better experience its uniqueness and rode a sunbeam to the sky. So began a long journey of striving and seeking to experience something… different. The little drop traveled for many years and manifested itself in many forms before becoming weary. Feeling increasingly lost and lonely it eventually started yearning for the way home. Trying to remember the way back and overcoming all obstacles with determination, it kept going. Valiantly, it continued on and greatly revitalized, once joining the rushing tumbling river. Joyous to be on the path of returning home, the little drop relinquished itself to the silent peace of the deep blue ocean. As must we all, when we are ready.

Restoring our humanity

In Comox Valley, just as anywhere else, we can find societies’ solutions as well as its problems all stem from the quality of information we nurture in our brain. Depending on that information, each and every one of us is capable of creating everything that can be imagined, the most horrific acts as well as the greatest beauty.

As with the journey of the water drop, we eventually discover attaining true health, happiness and peace is a process of returning to one’s true nature and sharing it with others. This is a matter of restoring balance. Balancing heaven (your brain) and earth (your body) through development of your Internal “Ki” energy.

One could say that most yearning and pain, as well as the desire to control others and our environment, is in direct relationship with the degree of imbalance. We complicate it by over analyzing, but it is really very simple. When you go off balance it is because you are looking outward to find your place in the world. The first step is to understand, ‘what is balance’ and how to create it.

Everything balances from its center, everything! Whether a branch, 2 bags of beans on a scale, a rock on a ledge, or you. The laws of the universe and ways of nature apply. Once you experience this fundamental truth and choose to apply it, the way becomes simple. You just need to find your center and cultivate it.

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Human beings have three bodies: A spiritual body, an energy body and a physical body. All three bodies are contained in the physical body. They should be harmoniously balanced. It is also important to balance each of the bodies individually. This is done through the spine, which runs down the center of the body. It connects the brain and body through the energy system. Energy is the only means of communication between the body and brain.

Energy exists in three forms; light, sound and vibration. It carries information and travels in waves – brain waves. Ki-energy is the animating life force that happens when the energies of the sun and the earth combine. Basically, the earth’s atmosphere is “Ki-energy”

These days Quantum Physics and Brain Education studies are gradually substantiating what Global Traditional Health practices such as yoga, tai chi, kigong, primitive dance, and other brain integrating and mind, body, spirit meditation practices have long been meticulously developing.


Initially the idea of sensing, growing, and mindfully cultivating internal energy to benefit health and creativity, may seem foreign or unusual.  In reality the reverse is true, it is highly unnatural to be so cut off from ones inner landscape and surrounding environment (truly an infinite ocean of energy), that one does not consciously recognize such a valuable resource and use it to personal advantage. Once this is achieved one may apply this experience to the full spectrum of everyday life.


By simply turning the mind inward, joining the mind with the breath and other involuntary functions of the body you can experience this first hand.  Like learning to float on water, similarly the idea could seem absurd, yet sure enough if you relax your mind and breath into the center of your body, lie back & trust…you will naturally float/ balance.


Actually, the energy itself is not the point, it is how we use it that determines the value.  Ultimately how we use our energy is determined by the direction it is given by our brain as well as the physical condition of our bodies to actualize our plans. Imagine the sun as your mind and your body as the earth. Wherever you focus you send your energy. By turning your mind inward you can cultivate your internal energy and decide how you want to use it, mindfully and meaningfully.

Balancing your 3 Bodies

The first step is to develop your main center-point of balance, the core of your physical body, to create a strong foundation. From there you restore balance emotionally and then spiritually. When you are balanced in body, mind and spirit as a whole, you will know true health, joy and peace. You need to know the centre point of each, and systematically re-train yourself to focus there.

You will know your physical body is balanced when it is strong, vibrant and healthy. When your mind is balanced, your heart becomes open, compassionate and joyous and the emotions are rich and mature without sentimentality. Your spirit becomes peaceful, productive and creative.

You make strong soul based goals, do what needs to be done and create. Raising your consciousness level and refining your character to bring the highest self forward. Through connection to self, love of Mother Earth inevitably becomes the common value that overcomes all differences. Life becomes a creative expression and precious offering of self forward.

Mind, body and spirit begin to work together on the same team, helping you achieve your goals. Emotions and other temporary desires don’t take you off course. You feel centered and your life becomes a precious and creative expression of your ‘true self’.

Turning the conscious mind inward and developing the energy system connects us to our innate knowing, and restores our humanity. When humanity is restored the insatiable need to fulfill physical and emotional desires diminishes. They come into balance with the desire to share true self and create. You are author of your own life and ready to take a leadership role in your community.

This is the difference between creating your life and reacting to life. It is the difference between managing your brain, body and emotions and being controlled by them. It is the difference between living a life motivated by love or fear, between taking more than is needed, or growing your soul and developing your character by offering your best self forward.

Heart Drum Beat training techniques are brain based development programs designed to restore balance, and develop mastery of the body and mind through the medium of energy.


You can learn more about Heart Drum Beat programs through our website:, or register to receive a Free ticket to the next Principles of Brain Management Workshop and learn more about how your brain can heal the world.

Arrow is also offering 3 summer retreats:

  • “The Tao of the Mountain – Awakening the Healer Within”: July 21 – 25, Mt. Washington
  • “The Art of Self Realization – Chakra Training Retreat”: August 8 – 13, Read Island
  • “Awakening to the Tao – 12 Markers to Cultivate Mind, Body and Spirit”: September 18 – 21 , The Hermitage on Denman Island

Call Arrow directly at (250)650-9905


Arrow Gonsalves is the Owner of ‘Heart Drum Beat – Taoist Yoga and Healing Services’ and ‘The House of Now’. She is a Master Trainer and Master Healer in the Tao Healing Arts, trained through the Tao Fellowship of Seoul Korea via Sedona Arizona.  Her Father was a Brain Specialist who ran the Neurology Departments of the University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Teaching Hospital and St. Michaels Hospital. Her maternal Grandfather was a Pharmacist in London in the days of traditional compounding.

Arrow has 10 yrs. experience in Taoist Instruction; she offers Do-In (Taoist yoga class), Personal Development Retreats, Workshop Facilitation, Instructor Training and Traditional Healer Training. She helps people restore health and balance while awakening their innate being.  Her lessons systematically incorporate Chakra Training and Brain Based development.



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