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Vic’s Solar Trike

Vic and his solar trike

Was driving through Union Bay today, just delivering the Beat, when I met this gentleman and his excellent electric scooter. This is Vic Ford and his sweet little solar trike that he designed and built himself; his “recycled cycle”!

“The front end is from old quad and the rear end from an old scooter, both from the dump”.

This may look jury rigged, but it’s a nice little prototype with some pretty high tech elements: there are two lithium batteries, four 30 watt solar panels and a self-adjusting callipered hand brake. Vic says he’s “loaded up his banjo and taken a ride with his solar trike from Union Bay to Coombs to take in the Coombs Bluegrass Festival!” That’s 50 kms each direction!!! I stupidly mentioned that was quite the range when Vic reminded me that he just let it recharge while he took in the show. I like that: need fuel? Just wait and the sun will provide! “So Vic,” I ask innocently, “how fast does this thing go?” With a glint in his eye Vic says, “It goes 32 kms/hr… ‘legally’”. Nuff said!

Happy trails Vic. We at Communal Beat salute your innovation and resourcefulness.


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